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Z-LED represents the top range E-marked led indicators offered from BARRACUDA. They are in aluminum and part of the ALUMINUM LUXURY PROJECT called B-LUX.

They are characterized by special and refined features and elegants finishing with new futuristic design, made in small size.

Z-LED are offered in five different anodization colors: BLACK, RED, SILVER, GOLD and BLUE.

Sold in pairs,

Designed by BARRACUDA.

The BARRACUDA LED INDICATORS are UNIVERSAL, E-MARKED and compatible with all market motorcycles.
Each bike is equipped with a specific system that needs a relative adaptation:

  • - Motorcycles with a 6-watt system need to adjust the flashing and operation of 10-watt RESISTORS (1res. X 2 Indicators / per side) or alternatively a compatible RELAY.
  • - Motorcycles with a 10-watt system need to adjust the flashing and operation of 10-watt RESISTORS (x1res. X 1 Indicator) or alternatively a compatible RELAY.
  • - Motorcycles with a 21 watt system require 21 watt HEATING ELEMENTS (1res. X 2 Indicators / per side) or alternatively a compatible RELAY to adjust the flashing and operation.
  • - Motorcycles with original LED system require a technical analysis to evaluate what is necessary for operation (resistance or RELAY).

These considerations are general and concern 99% of the bikes on the market.
There are also particular models of motorcycles that for technical characteristics require specific electronic adapters to be evaluated individually and for regular operation we recommend professional technical support.
To complete the AD HOC INSTALLATION we advise you to consult the TECHNICAL SHEET relating to your motorcycle for the compatibility of related products such as:

  • - ARROW ADAPTER (necessary for mounting the indicators on the motorcycle structure)
  • - RESISTANCE (see above)
  • - CABLE ADAPTERS (necessary for connecting the indicators to the original system without the need to make changes to the original cables or connectors)
  • For any further information or technical requirement, please contact our technical support at the email [email protected]

Versandkosten innerhalb Schweiz: 15,90 CHF
Kostenlose Lieferung ab 150 CHF innerhalb Schweiz

 Available: The item is in stock either here in Switzerland or in Italy. The delivery time can differ accordingly.

Verfügbar: Der Artikel ist entweder in der Schweiz oder in Italien auf Lager. Die Lieferzeit kann dementsprechend variieren.

     Disponible: L'article est en stock soit en Suisse, soit en Italie. Le delai de livraison peut donc varier.

 Not available: The item is not in stock, and therefore not currently available for purchase. Keep an eye out as it should be available soon.

    Nicht verfügbar: Der Artikel ist nicht auf Lager und momentan nicht bestellbar. Wieder reinschauen lohnt sich, er sollte bald verfügbar sein
    Pas disponible: l'article n'est pas en stock, il n'est pas commandable. Merci de revenir, nous attendons du restockage.

IDEA <strong>B-LUX</strong>

Von: 79,00 CHF Inkl. MwsT.

X-LED <strong>B-LUX</strong>

Von: 79,00 CHF Inkl. MwsT.


Von: 35,00 CHF Inkl. MwsT.

45,00 CHF inkl. MwSt.
45,00 CHF inkl. MwSt.
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